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Gehen - Sehen

This Exhibition examines the progress of Dean’s work over the last three years and its way to dive into a new world full of reformed stereotypes and the idea of contemporary aesthetics.

This is not a smile, but a dream - Tangling shadows dancing in the water
Two is one and one is two
Desireé Kaddatz by Dean Thonn 2020/21

The chained path of confusion
The enduring search
Sanna Mun by Dean Thonn 2019/20

Derealisation reflections
creating something unreal - shapeshifting reflections (English)créer quelque chose d‘irréel - reflets métamorphosés (French)
非現実的なものを作成する-形を変える反射 (Japanese)
tworzĄc coŚ nierealnego - zmieniajĄce kształt refleksy (Polish)
etwas Unwirkliches schaffen - formverändernde Reflexionen

Lousie Fankhänel by Dean Thonn 2019

Aligned with reality
the act of granting
Lina Keller by Dean Thonn 2021


gemini dreams
ghost - color

Tia Nguyen by Dean Thonn 2021



       adjective: timeless
       not influenced by time or shifts in fashion.



By Dean Thonn 2021


There was always a common higher goal:
to share the ideology and values ​​of the other.  
Because friendship means love.

Essaw Tesfom Tekle by Dean Thonn 2020 written by Julian Karaczko


written by Essaw Tesfom Tekle                              Essaw Tesfom Tekle by Dean Thonn 2021

Intuition;                                                                                       is a powerful tool one should

rely on as an individual. It’s an

understanding deep inside our

subconscious. In other words,


Safety;                                                                                          on the other hand acts like a

mistress plotting a devious plan.

The comfort which comes along

safety enforces you to give value

to it, which is created by your own

mind. Safety is an illusion created

by man and operates to generate

fear of approaches one can take,

the so called „risk“. Risk simultaneously

weights equally positive to negative.

Wisdom;                                                                      All man kind, no matter the background

, the gender, the belief, culture what so

ever it may seem to be used as a means

of identification, share wisdom from the

infinite pool of thoughts amongst each

other. Some took the time to unlock

the door which was hidden behind the

cobwebbed curtains.

Resilience;                                                                     is our nature! We feel and respond, no

matter if physically or mentally, action

reaction (all organisms); give it time

and see how it comes back to its origin.

A simple aspect which reflects our

inner-being. The home factor, physical

(tangible example)you leave it and

retreat after a hard works day back to it.

(Mentally) Is we as individuals should

understand the power thought has

which we had as infants

Résistance;                                                               I like this one!!! I associate resistance with growth! Resisting without grasping why

you are resisting anything is not what

i mean by my statement. Resistance

and awareness together result in growth,

while resistance and ignorance lead

to a bottomless cliff. Once you understand,

truly understand the fundamentals of what you

are dealing with, you choose whether to accept

or reject. The distraction caused by a certain

action will never trouble the soul again!

Resistance is the last door at the end of the

corridor, once you pass that door there

should be no coming back.

Representation;                                                     the only thing, one should represent, is their pure self. With all your flaws, the good and

the bad, the love and the damage you’ve

went through. Confront and accept the damage

for what they are and continue your journey

with consent of what you have learned to teach

the lessons you have, to those who follow your path.

Becoming;                                                         is a journey we all are part of, playing the main

character in our very own setup. Becoming

is something natural which falls into place.

You grow and become and that effortlessly!

See a tree doesn’t think on becoming a tree

when it was planted, it simply grew and became!

What ever it is, anybody wants to become,

they already are! Time is the only factor which

allows us to see piece by piece how the becoming

develops. I truly truly believe, that each living organism

in the universe is becoming! Every creation, every living or

lifeless entity is becoming in its individual unique existence.

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