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about me:

1992, Erlangen, The artist Dean Thonn was born. His journey through his teens took place in a district bordering the metropolia Nuremberg. Deans' apprenticeship as a carpenter began after fulfilling his academic degree. Different mediums, materials, and textures accompanied his daily routine, Throughout the apprenticeship, which sparked the fire that was once lit at an early age. The beauty of shape-shifting materials and the infinite possibilities the elements of nature hold to create in his vision projected dopamine within him like never before. The more he found himself unfolding the layers of beauty within his carpeting field, the more he wanted to learn about other elements such as metal and continued his journey towards exploring the world of industrial mechanics. Furthermore, dean took the approach of fronting the fashion industry and engaged in partnering with an agency that allowed him access to scout international foreign grounds, ranging from cities such as Paris, London, Athens, Singapore, Milan, Stockholm, Istanbul, and Hong Kong. The privilege of having encountered diverse traditions, cultures, and artists fed to his love for esthetics in every facet of life.

Fast-forward 2017, Dean Thonn moved to his adopted home in Berlin where he got into a long-term relationship with a young artist. She was a master's student of Jürgen Teller and inspired him to get more into art. His love for digital media took the steering wheel from here on to photography, image processing, and soon abstract painting. He quickly grasped that art is the umbrella that covered the realms of photography as well as canvas painting. It was satisfying him in his artistic and creative path. All his skills are representing what he had experienced in Berlin. Now here is his catalog, which deals with the wonderful - the dark -  the mysterious - the love - the spiritual, and the constant evolution of the world we thrive in. He combines the irony of stereotypes into modern ascetics, inspired by the metropolis of Berlin. The pandemic has also had an impact on his work. The Global infection, which appears for a limited time, affects every individual without hesitation. This inevitably adapted into his work. The artist's works came to birth and evolved in the period from 2014 to 2022. Some of them stand entirely on their own while Others have a special history and interpretation.


written by Essaw Tesfom Tekle / Trace Bristol

picture by Ella Don

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